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log cabin iot smart home retrofit

Snowy Cabin (DIY Home Renovation)

The DIY home renovation of "the cabin" began in 2020, just as the quarantine began. We built our own DIY furniture, home automation, and more. These are the projects and lessons we learned.

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iot projects with raspberry pi, arduino, and home assistant

IOT Projects

100% DIY home automation. From the thermostats to the security cameras, everything we used in designing our home was built on a budget. At the heart is Raspberry Pi home automation with Arduino sensors. Below are all of the IOT projects (networking, software, and hardware) that made this DIY home automation possible.

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maslow cnc setup and first print

CNC Projects

The DIY approach to decorating a home with furniture, accessories, and knick-knacks. From the large scale to the small, complicated to the hard—CNC router projects that are actually worth making.

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vanlife with a dog named azuli

Building & Living Vanlife

What we learned from building and living in a van, traveling the world over many years. Complete with my approach to crafting a wood-cabin theme, lessons from the road, and lots of pictures of our dog.

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