Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Technically Wizardry

When I first became a home owner, I was lost and confused in the hardware store. I wanted to develop those handy skills which would allow me to fix my house — instead of paying for help every time something broke. Eventually, I got carried away and built my own tiny home from scratch.

Here are the skills and guides I wish I had years ago. As a computer programmer by trade, I could not help but add software which makes these antique-looking projects work as if by magic. I’ve open-sourced it all here, from home-automation to the tools which power this website.


"Tiny homes on wheels" embody the spirit of vanlife. Chances are you've walked by such a van without even knowing it. Solar panels and a fan on the roof may be the only sign that a small, off-grid house is inside.

vanlife with an Australian shepherd

IOT (Home Automation)

If you go far enough down the IOT rabbit-hole, you'll land in the realm of custom home-automation. In my house, "spellbooks" contain the hidden magic...

magic spellbook home automation open me

DIY Projects (Maker Build Logs)

"Makers" mix construction skills with modern technology to create DIY projects. From an off-grid electrical system to insulating a van, I share what worked (and what didn't).

portable charger and raspberry pi in a hollow book

Code (Programming)

It started simple enough: with a home-automation Linux server running in my house, and a web server for this blog. But it became a quest to have the same scalable, "production-grade" cloud infrastructure I was accustomed to as a software engineer for less than $1/day...


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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