This site began as a place to document projects.

I often found that I forgot how I had solved some problem. A computer programmer by trade, I also wanted to have more hands-on hobbies (and less screen-time).

The first big DIY project was our vanlife van. After months on the road, my partner (Julie) and I now spend most of our time in California and Colorado with our dog (Azuli). In the snowy-cabin retrofit, I share the process of converting a cabin into a smart-home.

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Free Resources

In the interest of transparency…

I aim for all the resources & educational materials on this site to be free. I receive a good deal of personal satisfaction of helping others overcome the DIY challenges I’ve faced.

That said, hosting a website is not free, and I am not infinitely wealthy. To compensate for my time, I include affiliate links to the actual products I used along the way. In addition, I hope to some day offer pre-built solutions (i.e., tangible goods) that can be purchased.


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