Retrofitting a Snowy Cabin as a Smart Home

log cabin iot smart home retrofit

100% DIY. From the thermostats to the security system, everything was built using cheap off-the-shelf maker parts (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.) A tear-down of the networking, sortware, and hardware that made it all possible.

It’s controlled with these custom panels in Home-Assistant:

  • Floorplan (coming soon)
  • Family (coming soon)
  • Security (coming soon)
  • Temperature (coming soon)
  • Grafana
  • Music (coming soon…)
  • Node-RED
  • Pi-Hole

I’m releasing one of these sections each week. Soon, there will also be detailed breakdowns of sensors and hardware, like building a DIY Arduino “Nest-equivalent” smart thermostat for $25. To hear about these posts as they’re published, use the subscribe bar (purple, bottom of the screen).


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