Cloud & Containerized Computing

Cloud & Containerized Computing

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Running Docker & Kubernetes… both at home and in the cloud. Tools for making life easy when running your own home cluster, cost breakdowns when choosing cloud providers, observability, and other “lessons learned” as an engineer-turned-engineering-manager.

Grafana Docker + Kubernetes

Grafana is perhaps the most popular, powerful visualization software available. It can be used to monitor a Kubernetes cluster, home-assistant, and just about anything else. Using Grafana+Docker can be tricky, ...
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Node-RED Docker+Kubernetes

Node-RED allows Raspberry Pis to act as gateways for specific home-automation features, playing an essential role in both the van and the cabin. This is one of several posts on containerization ...
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PiHole Docker+Kubernetes

PiHole blocks advertiser traffic from an entire network, and can even help to speed up the network. Running PiHole Docker+Kubernetes poses a couple interesting challenges. This is one of several posts ...
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