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iot projects with raspberry pi, arduino, and home assistant

100% DIY home automation. From the thermostats to the security cameras, everything we used in designing our home was built on a budget. At the heart is Raspberry Pi home automation with Arduino sensors. Below are all of the IOT projects (networking, software, and hardware) that made this DIY home automation possible.

DIY Home Automation?

A home automation system is only as good as its parts.

While there are many cloud services out there (HomeKit, SmartThings, Google Home, etc.), many people find that these “walled-garden” approaches quickly become frustrating. In early 2020, for example, one major IOT cloud company (Wink) closed and stopped supporting their hardware. This meant that for unknown thousands of people around the world, their smart homes suddenly stopped working.

The following approach to home automation is more:

  • Private: no data about you our your house ever leaves the house.
  • Secure: no company or third party is involved.
  • Integrated: all the devices work together in one system.
  • Reliable: the system monitors itself for faults.
  • Cost-effective: DIY parts are cheaper than big name parts.

… and I could go on.

CCTV Security Cameras

Protect a home with DIY CCTV security cameras. Includes motion detection, automatic recording, recognition of people/cars, alerts, and more.

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node red running home assistant

Build a Home Server

The essentials of running a Linux-based home server. From mini computers to data servers, this section breaks down how to build a server — and then shows some interesting home server uses.

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home assistant multi room audio

DIY Multi Room Sound System

Use any speakers to create a DIY multi room sound system. Each speaker (receiver) in this home stereo system is perfectly synchronized with the others, and can wirelessly play music from anywhere.

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Set Up a Home Network Connection

From security to speed, there are many reasons to understand your home network connection. Learn networking basics, as well as build your own router to speed up the internet at home.

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IOT home automation home assistant screenshot steampunk

Home Automation

An introduction to creating home automation(s) with, cheap sensors, and a few lines of code.

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