DIY Multi Room Sound System

home assistant multi room audio

Use any speakers to create a DIY multi room sound system. Each speaker (receiver) in this home stereo system is perfectly synchronized with the others, and can wirelessly play music from anywhere.

Building a whole-house speaker system begins with creating multi-room speakers, and then adding in the ability to stream from Spotify, Airplay, and more. Each speaker terminal is capable of playing songs from another room — controlled from a smartphone, server, or kiosk.

This approach also includes advanced features, like a “loudspeaker” for broadcasting notifications to multi-room receivers. Notifications can include anything from a doorbell sound to intruder alerts. For example, our security cameras are smart enough to detect cars and people — and then tell us before someone arrives.

raspberry pi smart steampunk doorbell

DIY Smart Doorbell with a Raspberry Pi

A DIY smart doorbell with a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker. This steampunk-themed design integrates with home assistant and our multi-room audio system to communicate with the rest of our...

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Audio Control for DIY Stereo System(s)

The next step in our our DIY stereo system was the audio control. Even the best audio system is no use without some good sources from which to play. Many people enjoy being able to stream music via...

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