Off-Grid Vanlife Electrical Solar/Battery

Off-Grid Vanlife Electrical Solar/Battery

van build with solar panels on the roof

Is it possible to have all the conveniences of home while on the road? Is solar power enough for everything you could want on the road? How do you actually build an off-grid vanlife electrical system?

Having a fully off-grid electrical system means being self-sufficient and sustainable. For vanlife and tiny homes, it means using solar power and potentially other sources of power to charge a battery. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry.

Wiring such a vanlife electrical system requires some research and planning, but is not terribly difficult. Once I had created my van plan, here’s how I wired everything up.

Camper Van Electric: A Simple Guide

Once I had planned and installed the solar panels and battery in my tiny-home/van, I was prepared to begin wiring everything up for my camper van electric conversion. Okay, maybe prepared ...
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