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nfc stickers and reader

Using NFC Tags for Home Automation

I’ve found that screens are not my favorite way to manage my home automation. It’s too annoying to unlock a phone/computer/kiosk, start an app, and find the right menu option. Even my magic spellbooks, while convenient, can be clunky for...

Tiny Cluster Raspberry Pi Config Management with Kubernetes and Docker

Raspberry Pi Config Management with Kubernetes

Anybody who’s set up more than a single Raspberry Pi knows how frustrating it can be to keep them all up-to-date and working correctly. The slightest configuration change can require copying files and/or repeating steps between devices. When I...

Van and RV Internet: the Complete Guide

We need the best internet while traveling. And not just for Instagram, either. Our livelihood depends on it. Between us, we spent over a decade working entirely on the road. We paid our way through the U.S. national forests while taking our van...


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