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Various electrical, mechanical, and software DIY projects.

raspberry pi smart steampunk doorbell

DIY Smart Doorbell with a Raspberry Pi

A DIY smart doorbell with a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker. This steampunk-themed design integrates with home assistant and our multi-room audio system to communicate with the rest of our...

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dsl modem/router combo from century link

How To Speed Up a DSL Modem/Router

DSL may be less common these days, but it is still a fact of life for some. Unfortunately, many DSL modem router combination devices are outdated and slow. This leads to many home owners being...

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Audio Control for DIY Stereo System(s)

The next step in our our DIY stereo system was the audio control. Even the best audio system is no use without some good sources from which to play. Many people enjoy being able to stream music via...

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