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Home Assistant is one of the more popular open-source IOT & home-automation platforms. The following are tutorials and projects implemented using the Home-Assistant.io platform.

Audio Control for DIY Stereo System(s)

The next step in our our DIY stereo system was the audio control. Even the best audio system is no use without some good sources from which to play. Many people enjoy being able to stream music via...

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home assistant custom panel mopidy iris mpd music player

Home Assistant Custom Panels

On the left side of Home Assistant are a number of different panels. Most users are familiar with the default panels, like "Overview," a.k.a. the Lovelace dashboard — but it's possible to do a lot...

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nfc stickers and reader

Using NFC Tags for Home Automation

I've found that screens are not my favorite way to manage my home automation. It's too annoying to unlock a phone/computer/kiosk, start an app, and find the right menu option. Even my magic...

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