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node-red docker kubernetes

Node-RED Docker+Kubernetes

Node-RED allows Raspberry Pis to act as gateways for specific home-automation features, playing an essential role in both the van and the cabin. This is one of several posts on containerization of common, useful software. If you’ve not used it...

nfc stickers and reader

Using NFC Tags for Home Automation

I’ve found that screens are not my favorite way to manage my home automation. It’s too annoying to unlock a phone/computer/kiosk, start an app, and find the right menu option. Even my magic spellbooks, while convenient, can be clunky for...

home assistant UI lovelace for living room

Best Uses of Home-Assistant.io

For those who want to dive deep into the Internet of Things, home-assistant.io provides an incredibly powerful platform for monitoring and automation. In my home, we use magic spellbooks as controls around the house. We even have it set up in the...


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