Planning an Off-the-Grid VanLife Solar Electrical System


In early 2018, my new Ford Transit van had insulation, floors, walls, cabinets, and a bed. I was even able to take it to go skiing one weekend, parking near the mountain and sleeping comfortably through the cold night without heat. One major thing was stopping me from taking it on longer trips though: electricity. Vanlife Electricity Needs Electricity needs will differ wildly from person to...

Day 1: Insulating a Van for Summer & Winter Living


The first thing I did to my new Ford Transit van was rip out all of the factory-installed cargo gear to make room for insulation. [VanBuild] Insulation Needs I wanted to be able to park my van to the base of a ski mountain, like Tahoe, so that I could get first runs in the morning. In order to not freeze my butt off, I knew I’d need some good insulation. Heat retention in insulation is measured...

The Plan to Build a Van


About a year ago, a friend first told me that he was buying a “sprinter van” to live in. Knowing the friend, I laughed and shook my head at the prospect — something I’d later learned is called #VanLife. Come to find out, there’s a whole community out there of people who convert vans into tiny homes. Van Journeys This page is mostly about how I built the van. It features:...