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I started converting a Ford Transit 250 into a tiny home back in late 2017. Since then, I’ve put tens of thousands of miles on my little mobile cabin. Inside, it’s complete with a sink, stove, refrigerator, workstation, and plenty of space for clothes and supplies. Even at 6’2″ tall, I can stand up inside and move around comfortably.

Building the van has been both educational and satisfying. I’ve learned about every aisle in the hardware store, and been able to visit even the remote corners of national parks. No RV-style “hookups” are required, because the van is solar powered and self-contained.

my ford transit van

Choosing a Vanlife Van

The first time I began to realize the potential of a van was when I encountered this blog post on Bearfoot Theory. Her open layout which manages to incorporate a work table, bed, shower, toilet, kitchen, and more while looking good was a revelation...


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