The Best Waterproof Cases, Boxes, and Enclosures

The Best Waterproof Cases, Boxes, and Enclosures

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Types of Waterproof Cases

IP67 enclosures and connectors are the most common and versatile for outdoor usage. The IP67 rating means that the waterproof case can handle up to thirty minutes in partially submerged water (read about the IP ratings). There are some IP68 boxes as well in this post for extreme environments.

Installing LEDs? Check out the Waterproof LED Lights Guide.

You’ll find more information about outdoor wiring and the various IP ratings.

Waterproof Boxes for Elelectronics

In most cases, we just use outdoor junction boxes (below) for electronics cases. I’ve even stuffed small electronics (like a LED controller) in one of the waterproof extension cord boxes (below).

A waterproof battery box is a bit more elaborate than a simple electronics box, though. Airflow, in particular, is important in a waterproof box for battery usage, since the battery can get hot as it changes and discharges (which, in extreme cases, can lead the battery to explode).

Outdoor Light Junction Box

An outdoor light box is the perfect al-purpose weatherproof box. They’re made to survive any element and protect even high-voltage wires. The punchouts also allow you to create a waterproof seal around each wire port.

I especially like this box, as the foam grommets make it easier to add and remove wires:

Waterproof Extension Cord Box

It may sometimes be safe to connect outdoor-rated extension cords together without a weatherproof box, but it’s still always a good idea. I use one of these boxes for each of the vairous cords. The first box can be used for AC extension cords, the second is more general purpose, and the third are discreet 3-wire disconnects for low voltage LED outdoor lighting.

Waterproof Dry Box

Aside from special-purpose boxes, there are also various general use dry boxes we’ve used for traveling with electronics.

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