Building & Living in a Camper Van

vanlife with a dog named azuli

What we learned from building and living in a van, traveling the world over many years. Complete with my approach to crafting a wood-cabin theme, lessons from the road, and lots of pictures of our dog.

Building a Wood Cabin Steampunk Van

There are many, many websites showing off #vanlife vans. We run into travelers every day with beautiful, albeit "standard" vans. Some look super polished, with crisp white lines. There are several professional after-market companies that create "perfect" vanlife vans...

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van build with solar panels on the roof

Off-Grid Electrical Solar/Battery

Is it possible to have all the conveniences of home while on the road? Is solar power enough for everything you could want on the road? How do you actually build an off-grid vanlife electrical system?

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