Building a Wood Cabin Steampunk Van

There are many, many websites showing off #vanlife vans. We run into travelers every day with beautiful, albeit “standard” vans. Some look super polished, with crisp white lines. There are several professional after-market companies that create “perfect” vanlife vans…

You won’t find any of that here.

When I bought my Ford Transit 250 in late 2018, I knew almost nothing about carpentry or construction. I just knew that I wanted to do it all myself, from the insulation to the electrical.

Photo Gallery

A year and a half later, the result is what real estate agents would describe as “cozy.” The van was designed to look like a wood cabin on the inside. Touches include fairy lights and steampunk analog switches.

It is not perfect. Things still break more often than I might like, but at least I know how to fix everything.

Here are each of the steps that went in to the build process. I’ll share the materials I used, what worked, and what didn’t.

Van Build Timeline Photo Gallery

It took nearly two years to complete the van build. Here are dozens of photos of the process, as well as a breakdown of each step that went it to the build. Everything in this post is from newest to...

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Mobile Office and Desk in a Van

To work from the road, we needed the van to also serve as a mobile office. It’s hard enough to have an ergonomic work space at home or at an office. It was an even bigger challenge to make the...

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