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home assistant UI lovelace for living room

Best Uses of Home-Assistant.io

For those who want to dive deep into the Internet of Things, home-assistant.io provides an incredibly powerful platform for monitoring and automation. In my home, we use magic spellbooks as controls around the house. We even have it set up in the...

Tiny Cluster Raspberry Pi Config Management with Kubernetes and Docker

Raspberry Pi Config Management with Kubernetes

Anybody who’s set up more than a single Raspberry Pi knows how frustrating it can be to keep them all up-to-date and working correctly. The slightest configuration change can require copying files and/or repeating steps between devices. When I...

unity buildkite ci replacement for cloud build

Free Unity “Cloud Build” (Buildkite CI)

Actually compiling (building) a game with Unity can be slow. It hogs all the resources on your computer, leaving a frustrated Unity developer unable to do much else. Multiply this problem by building for many platforms (iPhone, Android, etc.) and...


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